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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The greatest teacher in life


The greatest teacher in life is the journey itself,
and the greatest lessons are the difficulties on your way.
So get out of your comfort zone, travel to unknown places,
meet the poor, the rich, understand the World around you and within you.

Experience it…live it…right here, right now!
There is no tomorrow, but right now!
Be confident and determined
that you are who you are,
and you are where you supposed to be.
Feel the energies around you and
let your heart and soul guide you through the Present!
Keep the Faith and Love unconditionally so you can create.
You are created to create by the Creator.

Balazs Heller

Railay Bay, Thailand, 5th Jan 2012
 The Temple of the Soul
"Life is full of challenges,
and sport is one of the greatest educators
to get you get you out of your comfort zone...
to meet your practice spiritual virtues like
patience, perseverance, humility.

Exercising is not just a physical practice
but a mind and spirit training, where you
could experiment the complexity of human

So get off your couch, get excited
and find the right activity for you,
which keeps the temple of your
Soul energized and balanced.
You need to work for your health." -

Balazs Heller
 San Gwann, Malta, 3 February 2012
"The greatest gift of God is that
He gave me the skills to do my work here and now.
People thank me for giving them inspiration
but in fact I receive so much more inspiration
from people I am working with on a daily basis. 
There are two kinds of people: people who
serve to make a better world
and people who are consciously or unconsciously
working on destruction and disunification.

2012 is the year of the shift
when people with the right Attitude and Faith
get together hand in hand
to change the direction of
individualism to collectivism,
disunity to unity,
materialism to spirituality. 
Let's build up TOGETHER a strong spiritual civilization. 
Awaken. UNITED we stand. Choose LOVE!" 
Balazs Heller
San Gwann, Malta, 2nd February 2012

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simplify Life...
The Tree of Life
"Simplify Life by Serving One Cause,
Becoming One with the Whole,
Building a Better World with Action,
Loving Unconditionally,
Appreciating What is Given,
Creating Divine Creation,
Finding the Peace Within,
Nurturing and Purifying Mind, Body and Soul,
Being Truthful to the self and to others,
Purifying the Soul with Positivity,
Living with Passion and Vision.

Every day is a new you,
Just keep on moving forward!"
Balazs Heller, 
San Gwann, Malta. 15 Dec 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lighthouse Within by Balazs Heller

 Live your life
as if you had one day left to live
so you are able to shift your consciousness
into a higher energy field where 
life is all about Loving, 
Giving, Sharing, 
Uniting, Detaching, 
Appreciating and Forgiving. 

What are you waiting for to make this shift happen? 
It is just a decision, which needs to be done once in a lifetime 
and your existence becomes a Lighthouse on the Shore of the Ocean of Humanity.
Written by Balazs Heller 

San Gwann, Malta, 7th October 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunshine through the clouds

Daily inspiration is nourishment to the soul,
Sustainable resource to the positive mindset,
Unlimited energy to the body.

Life is so simple once it is understood and
Once its purpose is revealed within you.
Be inspired by others,
Be the example for others
By making the change
In the present moment
For a better future.

Find the moonlight in the darkness,
Sunshine through the clouds,
Forrest behind the tree,
Love in hatred,
Wisdom in knowledge,
Unity in diversity,
Meaning in hardship, 
Motivation in failure.

Experience what is laid out
On your path of self-realization
With faith, trust, humility and patience.
As every moment is a missed opportunity
Unless it is lived according to the law of the universe.
Balazs Heller

San Gwann, Malta, 20 July 2011


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Not?

Do you spend time observing the World around you?
Do you spend time giving, loving, sharing and serving?
Do you spend time being alone? 
Why Not?

Do you value each person crossing your life path?
Do you look deep inside people's eyes?
Do you smile for no reason?
Why Not?

Do you think that you are a unique drop of the ocean?
Do you think that you can change the World?

Do you think that you make the difference?
Why Not?

Have you dreamt and visualized your future?
Have you thought about the purpose of life?
Have you thought about your mission?
Why Not?

Life is beautiful,
we just need to unfold
the hidden treasures of its nature.

Each day is an opportunity and
each moment is a special one
as it is never gonna be the same.

Love! Give! Serve!
And Let It Be!

Balazs Heller